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Make Your Life Warm with Cozy Quilts at Spaces  

When you're in the market to purchase quilts online in India, you'll be delighted by the extensive range of options available. However, it's essential to recognize that quilts or comforters are not just decorative pieces but integral components of your bedding, making them indispensable for your bedroom. Opting for luxurious quilts with a 100% cotton shell can significantly impact your overall sleep patterns and health, as they enhance the quality of your rest by a substantial margin.  

Undoubtedly, a restful night's sleep is a well-known key to overall well-being. Thus, it becomes crucial to choose the best quilts or quilt covers online that consistently deliver comfort and quality. SPACES, known for its commitment to excellence, offers a wide selection of quilts crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Their collection features premium materials, intricate designs, and superior craftsmanship, ensuring you find the perfect quilt to suit your needs and preferences.  

Investing in high-quality quilts online is a wise decision, as they provide warmth and comfort and contribute to a healthier sleep environment. The breathable cotton shell helps regulate body temperature, preventing overheating or excessive cold at night. This optimal sleeping experience can significantly enhance your sleep quality, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.  

Diverse Range of Quilts Online  

At SPACES, you can explore a wide variety of quilt designs online, offering an extensive range of colors, types, patterns, and prices. This diverse selection ensures you can make the perfect choice to enhance your sleeping experience.  

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive selection of quilts, featuring the exquisite Hygro Cotton and Silky Soy materials. We offer a special range designed specifically for kids, as well as innovative air purifying and anti-bacterial quilts. 

When you decide to buy quilts online, you'll have the opportunity to delve into a diverse selection of quilt designs available online. With a diverse range of options, we offer an array of colors, types, patterns, and prices to suit every preference. Whether you seek bold and vibrant hues, reversible quilts, intricate patterns, or budget-friendly choices, we got you covered.   

Discover our diverse online collection of quilts in India, offering a wide range of options from cotton to Polyester. These quilts not only possess traditional and seasonal importance but are also exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin. They are designed with a health layer protection that safeguards the integrity of the fibers, preventing them from spilling or deteriorating ensuring skin safety. Furthermore, our quilts are highly durable, maintaining their effectiveness even after multiple washes, the longevity depending on the specific material used.   

Soft Quilts Online in India for Better Sleep  

When it comes to quilt fabric, cotton emerges as a frequently chosen material for quilting due to its ability to provide ample warmth and maintain stitching integrity. The strength and durability of the quilts are enhanced as the cotton fibers hold together during the stitching process. Furthermore, Polyester plays a significant role in quilt covers as well. Polyester quilts are favored by many for their lightweight nature and simple upkeep, making them a convenient bedding option.  

Discover our diverse online collection of quilts in India, offering a wide range of options from cotton to Polyester. These quilts possess traditional and seasonal importance and are exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin. They are designed with a health layer protection that safeguards the integrity of the fibers, preventing them from spilling or deteriorating. Furthermore, our quilts are highly durable, maintaining their effectiveness even after multiple washes, the longevity depending on the specific material used. Buy quilts online for comfort and longevity, ensuring a cozy and reliable bedding experience.  

Essential Factors to Consider When Selecting Quilts Online  

When you choose to buy quilts online, several critical factors deserve consideration.   

  • Determine the desired material, such as cotton, Polyester, or a blend, based on your preferences for warmth, durability, and ease of maintenance.   
  • Consider the quilt size that fits your bed dimensions.   
  • Explore various quilt designs, including patterns, colors, and textures, to find one that complements your bedroom decor.   
  • It's also vital to review customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality and satisfaction of previous buyers.   
  • Finally, consider the price range that aligns with your budget, ensuring you balance quality and affordability.   

By considering these factors, you can confidently select the perfect quilt online to enhance your sleeping experience and add style to your bedroom.   

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sized Quilt for Your Bed  

When selecting the perfect-sized quilts online, consider these helpful tips. First, measure your bed's dimensions to ensure a proper fit. Next, consider the thickness and warmth level you desire. Finally, consider your personal style and bedroom decor when choosing the design and color of the quilt.  

Let us take an instance to understand -  

A double quilt, designed to fit a bed size of 224cm x 270cm, is essential for larger beds. If you're looking to buy quilts online, make sure to consider the dimensions to ensure a proper fit. On the other hand, a single quilt, tailored for a bed size of 152cm x 223cm, is indispensable for smaller beds or even as an individual blanket. It is more compact and perfectly sized for these beds, offering a snug fit and efficient use of space.   

Having double and single quilt options available, you can cater to different bed sizes and accommodate various needs and preferences.  Whether you have a spacious master bedroom with a larger bed or a cozy guest room with a smaller bed, having the right-sized quilt ensures a comfortable and stylish sleeping environment. At SPACES, you can choose our extra warm quilts online that are suitable for extreme cold days as well. 

How to Buy Quilts Online in India?  

Experience the convenience of purchasing quilts online through SPACES. With just a few clicks on our website, you can discover a vast range of options and order the perfect quilt according to your preferences. The best part is that you can do it all from the comfort of your home or office. Browse through various types of quilts, explore different designs, and gather all the information you need before deciding. What's more, we offer flexible payment options, including cash, credit, and debit cards, making the online shopping experience even more convenient.  

Discover Affordable Quilts Online at Space  

We take great pride in providing a wide selection of top-quality bed quilts with exquisite designs at the most competitive prices in the market. When you buy quilts online from our store, you have the option to set a price filter that allows you to browse products within your desired budget range. Moreover, we offer special promotions such as end-of-season sales and exclusive offers for credit and debit cardholders. We understand your needs and are dedicated to delivering the best deals and discounts, ensuring your shopping experience is delightful.  

Proper Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Quilts  

  • Use Iron on low heat: When ironing your quilt, use a low heat setting. The fabric may become damaged by high heat, lose its shape, or even dissolve.   
  • Do not bleach: Avoid using bleach on your quilts, which can weaken the fabric and cause discoloration. Instead, opt for mild detergent or fabric cleaners designed for delicate fabrics to maintain the quilt's integrity.  
  • Do not dry clean: Quilts are often unsuitable for dry cleaning, as the harsh chemicals used in the process can damage the fibers and fillings.  
  • Wash at 40 degrees in the machine: Wash your quilt on a moderate cycle in a washing machine set to 40 degrees Celsius to keep it fresh and clean. Tumble dry it on a low setting or air dry it to preserve its quality.   

With the above maintenance tips, you can ensure that your quilts remain in excellent condition for a long time, preserving their comfort and aesthetic appeal.  

Buy quilts online to bring ultimate warmth to your life today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is quilt used for?

Quilts are used for providing warmth and comfort against extreme cold to medium cold, while its unique artistic stitching pattern distinguishes it from other ordinary blankets. 

2. Is quilt a blanket or bedsheet?

A quilt can be used as both a blanket and a bed cover. What makes it different from a regular blanket is that it has a layer of filling sandwiched between a flat sheet and another layers. 

3. What's the difference between quilt and comforter? 

Quilt and comforter differ in their construction and stitching pattern. Quilts are a little lighter than comforters with insulative batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric.

4. What are the different materials used to make quilts? 

Quilts can be made from various materials such as 100% cotton shell, Polyester, wool, etc, or a combination of these.

5. Are these quilts affordable to buy?

Yes, the affordability of quilts ultimately depends on factors like size, materials used, print, and more. At SPACES, you can buy quilts online that match your budget and needs.

6. Can we sleep on a quilt?

Typically, quilts are made to cover you while you sleep. However, some people like to use quilts as an extra layer on their bed, placing it directly on top of the mattress. It's a personal choice whether you prefer to sleep under the quilt or use it as a bed cover. 

7. Can I find quilts suitable for all seasons at Spaces? 

At SPACES, most quilts are designed with versatility in mind, featuring materials and construction techniques throughout the year providing warmth in colder days and in air-conditioned rooms as well.To buy quilts online at Spaces, visit the website, browse the quilt collection, select the desired quilt, and proceed with the online purchasing process. 

8. How should I care for and maintain my quilts? 

To clean your quilt, it is recommended to wash it in a washing machine using a moderate cycle. Avoid dry cleaning, as it may not be suitable for quilts. 

9. What is the return and exchange policy for quilts purchased at Spaces? 

Our product returns within 30 days of purchase. For further details, please refer to the Return Policy.