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Buy Yoga Mats Online from SPACES  


Whether you’re beginning to learn yoga or are a pro, or maybe you just want a place to meditate or do some stretches in the morning, yoga mats are the perfect choice. They provide you with a warm surface to do your exercise, protect your body from slipping on the ground, and help enhance your mindfulness. Want to know how? Read on.


Things to Consider Before Buying Yoga Mats for Yogis  


Let us understand some essential factors to consider before you buy yoga mats online for professionals:


  • Material Quality:

Opt for mats made of Co Pure Finish and Anti-Skid traction. This ensures a healthier practice environment and minimizes the difficulty level.


  • Thickness and Density:

Consider the thickness and density while exploring yoga mats online. Professionals often prefer mats with adequate cushioning to support joints, especially during longer sessions. 


  • Grip and Traction:

Look for mats with a non-slip surface to prevent slipping during various yoga poses. Professionals often engage in challenging poses that require a mat with excellent grip and traction, ensuring stability and safety throughout the practice.


  • Durability:

Evaluate the mat's durability, considering the intensity and frequency of use by professionals. Mats with reinforced edges and high-density materials withstand wear and tear, providing a longer lifespan.


  • Portability and Weight:

Professionals who travel frequently may prioritize lightweight and portable mats. Consider mats that are easy to roll up and carry without compromising quality or thickness.


  • Size and Dimensions:

Choose a mat that accommodates the user's height and provides ample space for movement. Individuals may prefer longer mats or extra-large mats that are tall or their needs are specified.


Importance of Using Yoga Mats  


You must stretch your body in various angles and directions when trying different yoga postures. As a result, there is often the risk of slipping body parts, particularly when you practice on a flat or slippery surface like the floor. Whether it is a wooden, marble or mosaic floor, slipping on it in undesired directions while doing yoga can cause muscle cramps and/or bone fractures.


A yoga mat allows you to keep your hold strong on the surface since it has an anti-slipping feature. It also offers a kind of insulation between your body and the floor/ground. As a result, thermo-insulation is created, and the heat generated while exercising does not get lost to the ground. Therefore, you won't feel cold or uncomfortable while doing yoga on a mat.


The best part is that you can benefit physically from using this kind of floor mat and super-consciously. Yoga, accompanied by the right breathing techniques, is expected to awaken your "kundalini". It refers to the supra-spiral energy sources inside your body.


Some yoga practitioners prefer to practice breathing exercises separately while doing pranayam. However, it is most effective to do pranayam together with yoga to get the best results. This helps your body's metabolic activities and energy levels rise, just as they take place during any other kind of exercise. Thus, your body generates various forms of energy. A yoga mat is essential to separate your body from the ground to prevent your energy from getting washed down to the earth due to its grounding effect. Therefore, these workout mats are important when you practice yoga.


The mat can also help define your space. You may not have a separate space to have some peaceful time alone. Nevertheless, a yoga mat itself can become your space to practice mindfulness. Sometimes, after a day full of hectic work or feeling low, you need something to motivate you to raise your vibration. Looking at your exercise mat, you may naturally feel charged to have some quality me-time while practising yoga and releasing the inhibitions of your body and mind. In this sense, the mat can act as just the right prop you need to get some motivation.


How to Take Care of Yoga Mats?  


We provide clear instructions to look after our yoga mats. If they are in the best condition, your morning routine will be taken care of. Here are some useful tips for maintaining workout mats:


  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Use iron on low heat.
  • Tumble dry at low.
  • Wash separately.
  • Wash at 40° in m/c.


How to Buy a Good Yoga Mat?  


During yoga mats online shopping, you will find a variety of yoga mats in the market today, each offering distinct features. When navigating through these options, it's crucial to keep in mind the following key attributes of yoga mats.


  • Absorption: Crafted from polyester material with a Co Pure Finish and Anti-Skid traction, this mat guarantees a controlled, slip-free workout. It is also treated with anti-bacterial technology, ensuring germ-free practice and a safe and hygienic yoga experience. This mat prevents sliding during sessions, emphasizing the importance of superior shock absorption and anti-skid features in a yoga mat.
  • Cushioning: Using premium cushion materials gives anti-skid yoga mats a luxurious feel and finish while effectively eliminating overpowering scents or odours.
  • Adhesion: A yoga mat with excellent adhesion is essential for preventing slips during your practice. Adhesion contributes to stability and aids in maintaining balance during poses. Reversible yoga mats are preferred as they utilize both sides to offer optimal compaction and adhesion, enhancing the overall yoga experience.


This season, elevate your yoga experience effortlessly by accessing a variety of top-notch mats at your fingertips – discover, compare, and buy yoga mats online at SPACES for a seamless shopping experience.


Why Choose Spaces for Yoga Mats?  


At SPACES, you won't get regular or ordinary mats. We offer premium yoga mats online with various attractive features as follows:


  • Extra Large: Space constraints shouldn't come your way when stretching your body and trying to do some quality yoga. Therefore, we offer extra-large exercise mats, each having dimensions of 60 cm × 180 cm. So, you can stretch as much as you want. Your feet or hands won't touch the bare ground.
  • Anti-Skid Feature: No matter how much you twist or stretch your body or change postures during yoga, our mats won't slip. They come with an effective anti-skid feature to protect you while you mindfully do your exercise.
  • Varied Colours and Designs: Aesthetics also matter for any kind of floor mat. You will feel spoilt for choice by checking out the various colours and designs in which our yoga mats are available. You can pick them in red, blue, light green and dark grey hues and choose from geometric and modern designs based on your preferences.
  • Just the Right Vibe: You can instantly vibe with our yoga mats. They come in just the right designs, like the lotus, the 7 chakras, and motivational quotes. This is exactly what you need to have some mindful time with yourself and give the best start to your day.


Feel free to check out our wonderful collection of yoga mats. They are one of the categories of floor mats that we offer. You can choose them based on different factors like design, colour, style and more. Investing in these mats is always a good idea. See them as a kind of workout equipment you need for your body and mind.


Frequently Asked Questions  


  • Which yoga mat is best?

The best yoga mats online are those crafted from premium materials with anti-skid properties, offering controlled, slip-free workouts, superior shock absorption, and anti-bacterial technology for a hygienic yoga experience.


  • Is yoga mats good for health?

Yes, yoga mats contribute to healthy practice by providing a non-slip surface, insulation from the ground, and preventing injuries during yoga poses. They also create a defined space for mindfulness and contribute to the overall well-being of the body and mind.


  • Where can I buy the best yoga mat online?

You can check out a variety of top-notch yoga mats online at SPACES for a seamless online shopping experience. Choose from extra-large mats with an anti-skid feature, varied colours, and designs, ensuring a premium and comfortable yoga practice.


  • What thickness of the yoga mat is best?

The best yoga mat thickness depends on personal preference, but professionals often prefer mats with adequate cushioning to support joints during longer sessions. Consider the best yoga mats online with a thickness and density that suits your comfort and provides ample support.


  • Which yoga mat is best in India?

SPACES offers premium yoga mats online in India with attractive features such as extra-large dimensions, anti-skid features, and varied colours and designs. These mats provide the perfect support for a mindful and comfortable yoga practice.


  • What is a real yoga mat?

A real yoga mat is crafted from quality materials like polyester with Co Pure Finish and Anti-Skid traction. It offers controlled, slip-free workouts, anti-bacterial technology, and effective shock absorption, providing a genuine and beneficial yoga experience.


  • How to clean a yoga mat?

Maintain your yoga mat by following these tips: Do not dry clean, bleach, or tumble dry at high heat. Wash separately in a machine at 40°C, and use a low-heat iron. These care instructions ensure that your yoga mat remains in the best condition for your daily routine.