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Shop Attractive Quilts for Kids at Best Prices

Is your child refusing to sleep in their room at night? If so, it's high time to consider revamping your child's room decor to create a more inviting and delightful space for them. Children tend to gravitate towards attractive and bursting rooms with vibrant colours. Imagine bedding in their favourite hues adorned with playful, kid-friendly prints. Here at SPACES, we deeply understand children's preferences, and as a result, we craft quilts for kids specifically tailored to their likes.
Explore our extensive collection of kids' bedding options to discover the perfect fit for your child's tastes. We assure that our products are both aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance, requiring only a washing machine. Transform your child's nightly routine into a cosy and comfortable experience with our charming bedding selections at affordable prices.

Discover the Magic of Kids' Cotton Quilts at SPACES

When it comes to selecting the perfect cotton quilt for your little one, SPACES is the ultimate destination, and here's why it's a journey worth taking! Our kid's quilts are not just ordinary bedding; they blend imaginative design and robust durability, ensuring your child's comfort while igniting their wonder.
You're in for a treat with an extensive collection available both online and in SPACES stores. Explore a realm of options that cater to your child's unique tastes and bedroom decor, making bedtime a delightful adventure.
But here's the kicker for quilts for kids – we've turbocharged your shopping experience with user-friendly filters! You can effortlessly sift through choices based on price and colour, all while diving into a world of enchanting themes like Disney cars, Disney Mickey, Disney Ariel, Universal Lebuddies Minions, and Disney Jasmine.
Imagine the thrill as your little one revs up their dream engine, embarking on adventures they'll treasure for a lifetime. These captivating themes will whisk them away to magical realms, crafting memories that will last for generations in the captivating universe of Disney. So, get ready to transform bedtime into an unforgettable journey with SPACES!

Transform Bedtime with Playful Quilts for Kids  


When you dive into children's bedding, you'll quickly realize it's a vibrant sea of choices, with designs, colours, and patterns swirling around like a whirlwind. It's a thrilling adventure that can leave even the most experienced shopper feeling a bit adrift.
Let's face it: kids are attracted to colours that pop and designs that spark their imagination. Their room is often a unique sanctuary within your home, where creativity and comfort reign supreme. That's precisely why choosing the right bedding is more than just a decision – it's an opportunity to create a haven tailored to your child's personality.
Now, why choose kids cotton quilts, you ask? Well, it's not just a preference; it's a smart choice. Cotton is the unsung hero of fabrics regarding kids' bedding. Here's why: Cotton is a breathable fabric, keeping your little ones cosy during all seasons. It's also incredibly soft, providing a plush and gentle touch suitable for tender skin. And when it comes to easy care, cotton quilts are a breeze – just toss them in the washer, and they come out looking and feeling as good as new.
So, when you embark on your quest for the perfect kids' bedding, consider the comfort and practicality of kids cotton quilts. They're not just a choice but a delightful blend of style and substance for your child's dreamy haven.


How Do You Set Up a Kid’s Bed?  

The bed reigns as the central and focal point in most children's bedrooms. It's not just a piece of furniture; it's the mood-setter, the tone-decider for the entire room. That's why choosing the right bedding is like holding a paintbrush to your child's canvas, allowing you to infuse colour and fun into their space using cartoon quilts for kids.
The world of children's bedding is brimming with possibilities, from captivating cartoon-inspired prints that can instantly transform a room to the option of vibrant and bold colours that seamlessly blend with your home decor. You might even consider introducing a kids' quilt adorned with character patterns to inject a playful touch.
But here's the thing: a child's bedding must be more than just visually appealing. It should also be practical and durable. After all, kids can be quite the little whirlwinds, and their bedding needs to stand up to regular changes and washing. That's why investing in high-quality materials for quilts for kids and well-fitted, soft bedsheets is a smart move, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

Kids Quilt Online for Different Age Groups  

We have got you covered if you're unsure about selecting the appropriate bedding for children of different age groups.
Quilts for Babies:  For infants, prioritize comfort and safety with lightweight, fine cotton quilts that maintain an ideal temperature and avoid tangling. Ensure bedding materials are non-allergenic or organic for breathability and easy washing.
Quilts for Toddlers:  As your baby becomes a toddler, refresh the room without a full overhaul by adding colourful, patterned quilts for kids. Look for Disney princess-themed quilts for girls and superhero patterns for boys, with SPACES offering a variety of appealing designs. Complement the look with comfy cushions and pillows.
Shop kids quit online today at SPACES, contributing to a pleasant sleeping experience!

Why Choose SPACES to Buy Quilts for Kids? 

What sets SPACES apart is not only the aesthetic appeal of our products but also their durability and ease of maintenance. Our kids' quilts are made with high-quality cotton, a breathable and soft fabric that ensures year-round comfort for your little ones. Moreover, these quilts are easy to care for, as they can be conveniently tossed into the washing machine, emerging as good as new after each wash. 
Whether your child's dream world revolves around Disney Cars, Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Minions, Jasmine, or the enchanting 'Minnie' collection, we have themes that will transport them to magical realms during bedtime.
When you choose SPACES for quilts for kids, you're not just making a purchase; you're investing in creating a haven tailored to your child's personality, where creativity and comfort reign supreme. We understand that the right bedding can transform your child's room into a welcoming and delightful space, and that's why SPACES is the perfect choice for parents who want the best for their children.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  • What is the point of a baby quilt?
The primary purpose of a baby quilt is to provide warmth and comfort to infants while they sleep. Baby quilts are designed to be soft and cosy, helping to regulate the baby's body temperature and create a secure sleeping environment.
  • What does quilt mean for kids?
For kids, a quilt is a cosy and warm bedcover made of layers of fabric stitched together. It features colourful designs, patterns, or attractive characters that can be fun and appealing to children. Quilts for kids provide comfort and help keep kids warm while they sleep.
  • How big is a child's quilt?
A kids' quilt size can vary based on its design and intended purpose. At SPACES, our kids' quilts are available in dimensions including 150 cm x 220 cm.
  • What type of quilt is best for kids?
The best type of quilts for kids is the one that is light and airy, thanks to its high-quality natural cotton fibres. Cotton quilts have a soft and breathable fill, ideal for children who tend to sleep hot.
  • Where to buy kids quilts?
You can purchase high-quality quilts for kids from SPACES. We offer a selection of some of the finest and most durable quilts designed specifically for children.