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What Are Rugs?


A rug is a woven fabric that is used to cover a part of the floor. Adding a rug to any room can instantly change the vibe. In a room that may be looking rather monotonous in its colour scheme, a bright rug can add the much-needed pop of colour. If you are playing mix-and-match with colours and patterns, an abstract pattern rug can add another dimension to the space. Apart from increasing the aesthetic value, rugs are also very useful. If you place a rug below your chairs or tables, they are less likely to slide or cause any scratches to the floor. It also offers a certain amount of padding to mute footsteps that would otherwise sound too loud on marble or wooden floors.


Different Rug Sizes

Rugs come in different shapes and sizes. You need to determine what size of rug you want to place in the room so that it looks like it belongs there and not out of proportion with the rest of the interiors. On SPACES, you will get living room rugs and bedroom rugs in sizes small, medium, large and regular.


Determining The Quality of a Rug



There is a lot of time, labour and energy invested in detailing out the rugs. You can determine the quality of a rug by observing the sharp patterns and defined lines. The more detailed the design is, the better quality the rug is.


Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI)

What thread count is for bed linens and GSM is for bath linens, KPSI is for rugs. Knots per square inch (KPSI) determine the density, durability, and clarity of the pattern. Less knots translate into a looser weave which means that the rug will not be able to withstand heavy foot-traffic and will incur visible damage quicker.



There are different kinds of dyes used to make the wool go from the white and brown to bright colours like pink, green, purple, blue, etc. High quality rugs will use dyes that are either organic vegetable dyes or derived from high grade pigments.


Why Do You Need Rugs?

Rugs are not just for decoration. They also protect your floors from excessive wear and tear from heavy furniture and any dust brought in by your, or your guests’ footwear. A well-made rug will also extend the life of your floors since it will absorb the majority of the wear and tear. Rugs also add warmth and style to a room, especially if they are made with natural fibres like wool, which are great at regulating temperature.


Different Types of Rugs

Whether you have an open floor plan or an enclosed condo, a rug can help bring your space to life. But shopping for one can be overwhelming with so many types of rugs to choose from. Your options range from natural fibres like cotton and wool to synthetic materials like nylon to other non-traditional carpets made from things like grass. Let’s take a look at the different options available when shopping for rugs at SPACES.


Runner Rugs

If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality rug for your entryway, a runner rug is perfect for you. Runner rugs are often made with a higher grade of materials and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Runner rugs are incredible for your front entryway. The high-quality material is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about tracking dirt into your home. Runner rugs are also a great way to tie together the look of your space. If you’re looking to decorate your home with a modern look, a runner rug in a neutral colour from your one-stop destination SPACES is a practical way to tie the space together without cluttering the room with many decorative items.


Bathroom Rugs

A bathroom rug is a great addition to your space. These rugs are made to be tough, so they can stand up to the daily wear and tear of your bathroom. Bathroom rugs are commonly made of polyester, cotton, or microfiber. You’ll want to ensure that the rug you choose is machine washable and made with a material that won’t disintegrate after one wash. If you have small children in the household, you might want to choose a bathroom rug with a non-slip backing to help keep it in place.

Bed Side Runners

Bedroom rugs or bed side runners are long, rectangular rugs placed at the foot of the bed. It is generally the same length as the bed and is placed there so that you have a soft landing while getting off the bed. The primary purpose of a bedside runner is to provide comfort, warmth, and a decorative touch to your bedroom. Bed side runners come in many different colours and patterns.



A doormat is generally placed out the front door so people can clean your footwear before entering the house. The doormat’s size has to be appropriate to that of the door with just the right thickness.
Doormats are a great way to add colour and texture to your entryway. They’re available in all colours and materials, so you can find one that fits your space and style. Doormats are a great addition to any home and are easy to clean and care for.


Yoga Mats

It is well known that regular yoga practice is beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your mental and emotional well-being. Yoga mats are essential tools for practicing yoga, helping you stay safe while stretching and strengthening your muscles. It's used to provide a stable surface for your body as you do your poses. These yoga mats come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, so it is important to find the one that works best for you. A good-quality yoga mat will be comfortable and resist moisture, so it doesn't get slippery or damp as you practice. You can find a variety of yoga mats online on the SPACES website, which will help you get your wellness journey started!


Different Materials Used For Rugs



Wool is the most popular choice for floor rugs since it is durable and incredibly versatile. The fibers dye easily and you are presented with numerous colour choices that also last for a long time. Wool can also withstand heavy foot traffic. This material is also good at repelling liquids and will take a long time to absorb any kind of moisture.



After wool, cotton is a popular choice for rugs since the fiber can dye easily and allows for many colours. If you want a more budget-friendly option that is fairly durable, cotton rugs are the way to go. These can easily be washed in the machine and are soft on the feet.



Nylon is another good choice for floor rugs because it offers numerous choices in colours, resists dirt and crumbs, and can easily be clean ed. The downside is that nylon rugs are acid-dyed which causes the colours to fade quickly and has more problems in the long run.



Polyester is a durable material that is solution-dyed and resistant to bleaching, fading and other wear and tear. Like cotton, polyester too is a budget-friendly option but it is difficult to dye so colors and patterns are limited.



The construction of these floor rugs is such that it makes for a very durable choice and the weaves are unlike that of other types of rugs. But you have to keep in mind that unlike cotton and wool, jute rugs are coarse on your feet. You also need to be careful about spilling because it is very difficult to remove stains from jute rugs.


Why Choose SPACES for Rugs?

At SPACES, it’s all about style and quality. Creating the perfect balance between innovation and aesthetics, the products cater to all kinds of personal styles and tastes. The rugs have been designed keeping in mind the latest trends and colour combinations, while maintaining premium quality standards.




What are tufted rugs?

Tufted rugs are created using machines or hand-held tools, with loops of yarn (often treated with harmful chemicals) pulled through the rug's plastic backing material using a type of latex glue that emits fumes that can be detrimental when inhaled. These loops are then sheared to create a smooth cut-pile surface. While cost-friendly, tufted rugs are not of the best quality and do not hold great value since.


What is the average cost of a rug?

At SPACES, it is about offering the best quality products while keeping in mind the different budgetary limits. You will find rugs ranging from Rs. 879 to Rs. 3799, ensuring that it caters to all budgets.


How do you take care of rugs?

Rugs need to be properly taken care of and cleaned regularly if you want them to last longer. Some things you can do is vacuum them once a week, ensure that you remove spills and stains right away, have it deep cleaned by a professional once a year.


What is the difference between rugs and carpets?

A carpet is bigger in size and will cover the floor from wall to wall. It is also generally affixed to the floor. On the other hand, rugs are smaller and cover only a small section of the floor in a room. Since they are not affixed to the floor, they can easily be moved around from one area to another.


What factors to consider when you buy rugs online?

There are some essential factors you need to consider while buying rugs online:

  1. Understand the different kinds of weaves
  2. Determine where is the rug going to be placed and the size you are looking for
  3. If the rug’s pattern and colour compliments the room’s interiors
  4. Care and maintenance requirements for the rug