Overview Of Indian Handicraft Items as a True Culture


The term "craft" typically refers to a skill used in creating decorative art or is linked with artistic practices. What sets crafts apart is that they rely heavily on manual craftsmanship rather than machines, which is why they are often referred to as "handicrafts." In other words, crafts involve people using their hands and skills to make things, like handwoven rugs, handmade cushions, etc.


In the world of crafts, one can find several highly esteemed forms of artistic expression. These include the intricate art of hand embroidery, the venerable tradition of hand weaving, and the precise block printing technique. All of these disciplines highlight the skill and expertise of women artisans, enabling them to not only pursue their dreams but also fulfil the greatest aspirations of their families.


In essence, SPUN embodies the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic expression, mirroring the core qualities that distinguish crafts from other forms of creation. SPUN originated in 2014 and was conceived to restore agency to communities and women who had endured significant losses during the 2001 Bhuj earthquake. In an effort to facilitate their recovery and create a fresh source of livelihood, Welspun India Ltd. collaborated with local craftswomen, striving to cultivate a positive change in their lives and the lives of their families. We endeavor to preserve and celebrate the handcrafting heritage woven through traditional communities' lives.

Buy Modern Contemporary Handicraft Items for Home Décor

Discover the essence of modern Indian craftsmanship and elevate your home decor with SPUN. Our mission is to bridge the gap between you and the talented artisans of India, showcasing their exquisite work through an exceptional online shopping experience. We are dedicated to curating a delightful selection of contemporary handicraft items, making your online shopping journey aesthetically pleasing and convenient.


Our primary goal is to empower the thriving handicraft industry in India digitally. SPUN is your partner in simplifying and securing online purchases and enhancing your lifestyle with exquisite, handcrafted treasures.


Step into the world of SPUN, where you'll find an exquisite collection that will enchant your home. Our curated range features an array of handmade handicraft items, including top-tier bed and bath linen products, proudly presented by Welspun, a name synonymous with excellence in India's home essential categories. With SPUN, you can infuse quality and tradition into your living spaces, transforming them into havens of modern elegance.


Embellish your Space with Handmade Products at SPUN


Explore the Spun collection's extensive range of handicraft items for the bed and bath category, including handwoven rugs, Indian handicraft items, handmade cushions, face & bath towels, handwoven yogamats, and more. Each piece encapsulates the essence of Indian craftsmanship. Here's a glimpse of our top selections:  


  • Handwoven Rugs and Carpets  

Support women artisans by choosing from our premier range of handwoven carpets and handmade rugs online. Available in various sizes, types, patterns, and hues, these rugs brighten up your home and reflect your unique style and personality.  

  • Elegant Table Linen  

Elevate your dining experience with table linen products in style. Discover the finest napkins, placemats, captivating table runners, and other accessories in various colours, styles, and designs.  

  • Handmade Cushion Covers  

Transform your living room with a touch of artistry. Explore our collection of handmade cushion covers, including cotton and other intricately designed options that blend tradition with modern sensibilities.  

  • Other Unique Accessories  

Our artisans' creativity extends beyond the mentioned items. Explore an extensive lineup of accessories, including handmade stoles and more, catering to various preferences and needs.  


Therefore, embrace the charm of authentic Indian handicraft items and adorn your space with our unique home decor offerings. Explore the SPUN collection today and let your space tell a story of craftsmanship and elegance.  


SPUN's Societal Impact from Tradition to Transformation


Selecting SPUN as your preferred choice becomes apparent when considering our unique perspective, viewing the world as a tightly-knit global village. This distinctive worldview infuses our product line with a rich blend of skilled craftsmanship, tradition, and contemporary design sensibilities. Our offerings encompass an exquisite range of handmade handicraft items, including handwoven rugs, Indian handicraft items, stoles, cushions, and more.


The impact of SPUN on society is profound, especially within the realm of handmade products. We've empowered 2,273 women through our SPUN centres with a substantial transformation in their lives. Notably, our efforts have reached 9,092 lives, resulting in earnings exceeding Rs 34,601,528.

SPUN's reach extends across 8 production centres and 6 specialized embroidery centres, where over 2,500 women have received training. Our artisans' dedication has positively impacted nearly 10,000 individuals, with a cumulative earning of over 27 million rupees.


When you choose SPUN, you embrace a transformative force in the world of handmade items, from handmade stoles to unique home decor, handmade rugs, and even handmade rugs online. Join us in promoting the beauty and value of modern and indian handicraft items, including our exquisite handmade carpets.


Best-found Handicraft items for Home Decoration & Gifting Purposes


Discover the finest handcrafted treasures ideal for adorning your home and delighting loved ones with thoughtful gifts at SPUN by Welspun. These handicraft items are not just decorative; they encapsulate the essence of Indian heritage and civilization, making them ideal for gifting to those living outside India. Our team of skilled architects and artisans, steeped in tradition, combine their talents to craft contemporary wall art and utility pieces, blending modernity with artistic finesse.


At SPUN by Welspun, we offer a diverse range of handmade articles and gift items at affordable prices, available for online purchase. These include -


Our collection transcends tradition, adding a touch of whimsy that harmoniously complements modern decor themes. Explore many options, from varying colours and designs to sizes, ensuring you'll find the perfect handicraft piece to captivate your senses and elevate your living spaces. Embrace the timeless beauty of Indian craftsmanship with the SPUN collection. 


Home Decor Based on Best Art Forms of India


Shopping for home decor items can be a cumbersome task. It involves visiting multiple markets and stores, carefully selecting and purchasing the things you need for your home. This process requires you to explore various shops, compare prices, and consider the quality and durability of each product. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find everything you need in one place? Well, SPUN by Welspun offers a diverse range of modern decor products to make your shopping experience effortless and make a difference in society.


You can even purchase exquisite handicraft items on this platform by exploring various art forms. Whether you're looking for home decor, living room accessories, kitchen embellishments, or room decoration items, SPUN by Welspun has you covered. It stands as a prominent handcrafted wholesale home decor manufacturing platform, showcasing a variety of art forms, including hand embroidery, hand weaving, and block printing, in its painting and furnishings collection. 


Nurturing Sustainability: How SPUN Meets Social Responsibility


SPUN's "Rags to Rugs" upcycling journey isn't merely a step toward our sustainability vision; it's a powerful driver of livelihoods for countless women and a catalyst for transformative change. This initiative empowers women, enabling them to become "Atma nirbhar" or self-reliant, granting them access to personal bank accounts, facilitating their children's education, and elevating their status within their families. It's a holistic contribution to
their households.


As a brand, SPUN holds immense potential in Indian and global markets, with a steadfast focus on sustainable handmade handicraft items. Every creation from SPUN, whether handwoven rugs, handmade stoles, cushions, or rugs available online, is meticulously crafted with love and care. These items transcend aesthetics; they embody an artisan's dreams, dedication, and soul, enriching spaces with unique home decor and handmade carpets.

SPUN is not just about styling spaces; it's about infusing them with the essence of skilled craftsmanship and a commitment to a sustainable future.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are handicraft items?

Handicraft items are artistic creations crafted by hand, such as handwoven rugs, handmade cushions, and more, reflecting traditional craftsmanship.

2. What is the meaning of Handicraft?

Handicraft refers to artistic creations made by skilled artisans, exemplified by handwoven rugs and handmade handicraft items.

3. What are the different types of handicrafts?

Handicrafts encompass a variety of forms, including Indian handicraft items like handwoven rugs, handmade stoles, and handmade rugs online.

4. What are the advantages of handmade products?

Handmade products, like handwoven rugs and handmade cushions, offer unique designs and quality, preserving the essence of Indian craftsmanship. At SPUN, you will find various handicraft items lovingly crafted by the women artisans for their communities.

5. What does handicraft usually consist of ?

Handicraft typically consists of skillfully crafted items, such as handwoven rugs, handmade cushions, stoles, and other artisanal creations, often rooted in cultural traditions.

6. Which are the must-buy handicraft items of India?

Must-buy Indian handicraft items include handwoven rugs, handmade stoles, and handmade rugs online, showcasing India's rich craftsmanship.

7. What are the best handicrafts available online?

The best handicrafts available online include handwoven rugs, Indian handicraft items, and unique home decor offered by platforms like SPUN.

8. What are the top handicraft products?

Top handicraft products include handwoven rugs, handmade stoles, and handmade cushions, known for their elegance and cultural significance.

9. Are these handmade rugs sustainable?

Yes, these handmade rugs, such as those offered by SPUN, prioritize sustainability. They are crafted carefully and often use eco-friendly materials and traditional techniques, reducing the environmental impact. Additionally, supporting skilled artisans through handmade rugs contributes to sustainable livelihoods within communities.

10. Why Choose A Handmade Rug Over Machine Made Rugs?

Choosing a handmade rug over machine-made rugs offers several advantages. Like those at SPUN, handmade rugs showcase unique craftsmanship, intricate designs, and attention to detail. By opting for SPUN handicraft items, you can support women artisans, fostering tradition and empowerment in craftsmanship.