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    Bath Mats (25 items)
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      Bath Mats Online

      There’s no better feeling than the gentle and soft warmth your feet get when you step out of a bath or shower. Bath mats are a part of bath linen that usually don’t take up much importance despite them being very useful for comfort and important for safety. They also accentuate or define your bathroom décor.
      You can buy bath mats online are available in a wide variety of colours, shapes, sizes, types, patterns and prints to suit every need and choice.

      What is a bath mat for?

      The primary function of bath mats is to prevent slipping on the bath floor. However, they must also soak wet feet, stay clean, appear aesthetically pleasing, and feel fresh. There are many types of bath mats available and they depend on the area of usage such as door mats for bathroom door or below the sink and bath mats near the shower or tub.

      What to look for when buying a bath mat?

      There are 5 main factors you must consider before buying a bath mat.

      1) Size - Before buying bath mats India you need to to measure your bathroom area and know where you need to place the mat. A small mat is ideal for sinks and a large bath mat is needed outside the bathroom door and near the shower.

      2) Colour - Pick bath mats with pleasing patterns to give your bathroom a bold look or even chose superhero themed graphics for kids. You can find both these types of bath mats online at SPACES.

      3) Material - Always Check the backing material to ensure it is sturdy enough to avoid any skidding and these should be placed outside bathroom door, bathtub, or shower. Choose a material that is gentle on the skin of your feet.

      4) GSM - Grams per square meter (GSM) is a standard measurement of the bath mat for weight of the fabric per inch. A higher GSM bath mat will be thicker and thus more absorbent whereas a lower GSM would be a better fit for sink and toilet owing to it’s lightweight and quick dry capability.

      Why choose SPACES?

      We understand your comfort, and craft bath mats to reflect your tastes and preferences. Our bath mats are made from premium quality material that is gentle on your skin while also being strong enough to make sure that you step out out of the bath safe and easy. You can find a bath mat of your favourite colour from among a wide variety of colours available in the bath mats online at Spaces.in. You can filter and choose bath mats depending upon the designs, textures, and materials so it can complement any kind of bathroom décor. Spaces.in tells you which the right choices would be for your children, teenagers, other family members or the people that you might want to gift these bath mats to, as well. Spaces also lets you narrow down your search by adding filters such as colour, size, price and fabric. Buying bath mats online has never been so simple. Know more about bath mats like types of bath mats and materials used, check Spaces Blog.

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