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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel - Magenta/Navy Blue
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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel - Coral/Grey
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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel Set - Magenta/Navy Blue
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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel Set - Navy Blue/Coral
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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel Set- Coral/Grey
₹1019 2039 50% off

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Seasons Best Qd Hand Towel - Navy Blue/Coral
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Day2Day Hand Towel - Grey

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Swift Dry Hand Towel - Red

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Exotica Hand Towel - Coral

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Exotica Hand Towel - White

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Econova Hand Towel - White

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What is a hand towel used for?

You probably got your hands dirty and rushed to have them clean with some soap and water. Once they are clean, your hands will instantly want to reach out for something to dry them. Whether you are in the kitchen or the bathroom, you will always need hand towels (and some spares in the storage cupboard). Hand towels are used for drying your hands and/or your face. They are smaller in shape and size compared to bath towels.

Difference between hand towels and guest towels

When you have guests over, you wouldn’t want to offer them old or faded hand towels. You would have special ones placed. Guest towels are much like hand towels but smaller in size and more fancy since they're meant for special occasions and guests. Hand towels are meant for everyday use and should be changed daily.

Difference between hand towels and face towels

As the name suggests, hand towels are meant for wiping your hands while face towels are strictly meant for your face. Many people use them interchangeably but that has to stop. There is a reason why bath linens consist of so many choices - each one has a different role to play. One of the most prominent differences between the two is that hand towels are slightly bigger than face towels. Another vital difference is that face towels are softer than hand towels. This is because the skin on your face is very sensitive and a gentle touch is all that it needs.

What to look for when you buy hand towels online?

When you buy hand towels online, certain factors play a vital role. Durability, thread count, size , absorbency, material and cost are some things you should look out for. SPACES hand towels are long lasting and incredibly soft. Available in various colours and sizes, these hand towels add a nice pop of colour to your bathroom and will make an ideal addition to the space.

What is the best hand towel?

Since the primary use of a hand towel is to absorb maximum moisture and dry your hands (and sometimes face) quickly, you would want to go for a fabric or material that serves that purpose. Cotton hand towels are the preferred since the material dries quicker, durable, is skin-friendly and highly absorbent. Preferably, you would want to invest in hand towels where the quality proves to be worth the price and lasts for a longer time.

Types of cotton used for towels

Cotton is the most popular choice when it comes to towels but it is imperative to know the different types of cotton that you can choose from. There is Egyptian cotton which is the best cotton in the world. It is an expensive choice but Egyptian cotton is also highly absorbent and to the touch. The next best option is Turkish cotton. It is as soft and absorbent as Egyptian cotton but costs slightly less. Other options for hand towels include microfiber, bamboo and linen. These fabrics have their special features, but cotton is still the best choice.

Care and maintenance of hand towels

  1. Don’t use a fabric softener while washing your hand towels.
  2. Always pre-wash the hand towels.
  3. Make sure to dilute the detergent with water while washing the hand towels.
  4. Tumble dry hand towels on medium heat and do not iron.

SPACES Hand Towels

They may often get overlooked but hand towels are an essential part of bath linen. When you want to wash your hands or your face, these plush and soft towels are of the perfect size to absorb and wipe off all the moisture. These hand towels are available as individual pieces as well as in sets. You can choose from an extensive range of colours and sizes and choose what resonates with your personal style and the bathroom interiors.

Why choose SPACES?

Made from premium quality fabrics, ultra-soft and super absorbent hand towels from SPACES make an integral addition to your bathroom linen and elevate the interiors. Available in various soothing colours, the SPACES hand towels make for a superb addition to your collection of bath linen. Crafted to suit the needs and preferences of people from every age group, these premium hand towels are a great choice for your home or for gifting your family and loved ones. To buy hand towels online was never this easy with tons of options to choose from only at SPACES.in. If you want further details on types, benefits, and prominent features of various towel types, visit our blog.


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