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      Make your Washbasin Area Pretty Using Amazing Hand Towels

      As a homeowner, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to make your home even prettier than it already is. You may have new furniture and furnishings, but often, it is the attention to detail in little corners of the house that make a bigger difference. Case in point: the wash basin area. The wash basin serves an important function in the home. It is the corner where you wash your hands and face, and refresh yourself after returning home from outside. You brush your teeth and wash your face before going to bed, at the wash basin. It must be made as pretty and appealing as possible (more on this later!). You don’t even need major refurbishments – just get a stack of pretty hand towels to add an interesting visual point to the corner. But first, let’s understand what hand towels are and why you need them.

      What is a hand towel?

      A hand towel is a small size towel used to wipe the hands and face. It is used at the wash basin, or kept inside the purse or work bag to use after washing the hands and face. It is a more useful thing to use outdoors, where you cannot take around a large towel meant for wiping the body. You will see hand towels not just in homes and private offices, but in large commercial establishments like restaurants also. In recent years, premium linen brands like Spaces have started manufacturing hand towels in a variety of colours and designs. These can be used at home, or in the workplace, or even as a gifting option for birthdays or festive seasons. Most often, they are sold in sets of 2, in matching colours and prints.

      What Size is a Hand Towel?

      The standard size of a hand towel from a premium brand like Spaces is normally 40 cm x 60 cm. There may be larger variants available, but towel is generally not smaller than the above-mentioned size.

      Caring for a Hand Towel

      A hand towel is normally made of cotton compressed together to form a thick, absorbent layer. Since the functional use of a hand or body towel is to absorb surface moisture quickly without letting the dampness escape from the towel, the upper layer is treated specially to trap and hold moisture inside the fabric. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing and caring for the hand towel. Do not use bleach while washing the towel, nor colour brightening liquids. Also avoid dry cleaning the towel. A regular wash in the washing machine is sufficient. It is recommended that the towel be used for not more than one day between washes. Your regular laundry detergent will suffice when washing it.

      How to make the Wash Basin area one of the Prettiest Corners in your Home

      * Keep the wash basin clean and free of water and soap spots. * Always hang a fresh, pretty hand towel on the towel ring. Make sure it is not moist or wet with use, because that will put off those using it. The towel must always be dry before use. * Keep a glass jar or mug to hold toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste. Add shelves along two sides of the wash basin to hold other items like extra brushes, hair brush and accessories, face wash, cosmetics, etc. * It is a good idea to use a deodorising bar or spray in this corner of the house. The wash basin is one of the wet areas of the house, and constant dampness can cause fungal and bacterial growth inside the basin and around it, as well as on the tap. A deodoriser removes any smells arising from the dampness and keeps the air clean. * Arrange a single rose in a tall glass vase, or a bunch of artificial flowers in a small jar next to the wash basin to add an interesting pop of colour.

      Why Choose Spaces to buy a Hand Towel?

      Spaces is one of India’s premium brands in bed and bath furnishings. When you buy hand towels from Spaces, you are assured of a range of fresh colours and the highest quality in fabric and make. Every towel from Spaces is made from premium quality fabrics that last long and retain their colour and thread strength even with years of use. Always choose Spaces when replenishing your stock of hand and bath towels for the home or office. As simple as using the product is buying it from the Spaces website: just browse through the collection, pick the ones you like and proceed to checkout. Pay for your hand towel online securely as well. Once purchased, you will receive the consignment at your residence in about a week. For more information on Spaces towels and tips on how to beautify your bathroom, do look up the Spaces blog.
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