How To Get Your Bedroom to Look Aesthetically Pleasing

How To Get Your Bedroom to Look Aesthetically Pleasing

As we continue to spend more time indoors for the foreseeable future, it has become important to create an aesthetically pleasing environment at home, especially when it comes to the bedroom; we rely on the mood and ambience in our bedroom to de-stress, rejuvenate, and refresh our body and mind. However, transforming the bedroom into an aesthetic zone need not cost an arm or a leg nor should it require you to spend days and weeks struggling to get it all together. All you need is some small yet effective hacks such as the ones we’ve highlighted below to make a big difference.

Keep it natural

If you missing spending time outdoors and amidst nature, set up your bedroom in a way that it reflects natural light and elements. Right from ensuring big, open windows that let in more of light and setting up mirrors opposite the window to reflect more of the outdoors to invest in bed linens and decors made from breathable fabrics such as cotton bedsheets and investing in prints and colours that are inspired by nature, keeping it natural should be your mantra for a soothing bedroom.

Opt for a fresh appeal

No matter how much you change things in the bedroom, if you are not able to keep things looking, smelling, and feeling fresh on a daily basis, the mood is bound to get dull. Consider fresh flowers twice a week, an essential oils vapourizer, and most of all, fitted cotton bedsheets. They are a life saver when you are pressed for time and reduce your bed making time significantly. Further, you can consider investing in anti-viral and anti-microbial fitted cotton bedsheets, available for double and single-sized beds to ensure your bedroom and bed is always fresh, hygienic, and germ-free. You might also want to consider premium options such as bamboo charcoal cotton bedsheets which are hypo-allergenic.

Clean, clean, and clean

This may sound obvious but you simply cannot overlook the aesthetic appeal of fresh laundered bed linens and upholstery. So set up a weekly laundry schedule and outsource it if you need to, but make sure you are not prepping your bed with the same old cotton bedsheet for three weeks in a row or using the same hand towels in your attached bathroom for more than 36 hours. This is also true for your bath towels and bathroom rugs. Since laundry and drying your linens can be a huge challenge in the monsoons, you might even want to consider investing in SPACES’ swift dry towels and Livlite linens for an easy laundry experience.

Now that you have some handy hacks to help you get started with transforming your bedroom, make sure you spend a few hours referencing your personal favourites online. This will make it easier for you to have a clear idea of the look and products you want to opt for at each stage of the aesthetic transformation journey. Lastly, remember that there are no hard rules and to truly feel at home with the new look, you need to go ahead with decisions that appeal to you, irrespective of rule books and trends.

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