Bath Linen: All you need to know about your Monsoon Hygiene - Spaces

Bath Linen: All you need to know about your Monsoon Hygiene - Spaces

It is the season to step out for safe monsoon getaways as the heavens pour out melodies on earth. This time of the year is synonymous with getaways that rejuvenate the mind and relieve a tired body. However, it is important to ensure you are equipped with the right linens to ensure a safe, hygienic, and comfortable holiday, especially in view of the pandemic. Even otherwise, it is best to carry your own bath linens such as bathrobe, bath mats, and bath towels instead of depending on your hotel to provide the same. Here’s why:


Personal Hygiene

Increasingly, hotels are under pressure for sustainability advocates to reduce use of resources like water and electricity. This has translated into hotels often changing their policy with regards to change of bath towels; instead of simply replacing them daily, they ask guests to leave a note basis their preference. This means that there is a remote possibility that used and unused towels get mixed up during house-keeping. Given that bath towels are high on skin contact, you don’t want to risk catching an infection from shared towels. Hence, it is best to carry your own bath towels. However, we recommend you invest in a Quick Dry towel for your weekend getaway wardrobe instead of carrying the one you use at home. This is because they will dry quickly even if you don’t have an entire day to dry them owing to your holiday schedule. This will ensure you don’t have to tug damp towels with you or risk the growth of microbes in a damp towel.

Intimate Comfort

Depending on where you are planning to stay, your hotel or resort may or may not provide you with a bath wardrobe. However, since relaxation is one of the key reasons behind a weekend getaway, you want every little detail to contribute to the experience. This is where a bath robe truly transforms your relaxation time. It makes for versatile loungewear that you can wear in your room as well as by the pool. It is also ideal when you want to hit the spa and wait for a couple of hours to soak in all the oils before you head for a shower. This makes it imperative that you have at least in your weekend getaway wardrobe, which fits your size and preference as opposed to borrowing one at the place of your stay. SPACES offers a wide range of bath robes in premium, soft cotton.

Safety Best Practice

Bath mats are one of those high in demand linens at most hotels and resorts, especially by the pool, and in beach towns. Of course, all for a good reason. They are just the things you need to wrap up in comfort after an intense swim or to dry yourself after a refreshing dip in the sea. However, they are also the most roughed up by fellow guests and are best avoided as shareables if you can. Instead, a set of personal bath mats can prove to a highly valuable investment, which you can take with you even when you head out to remote, exotic locations, away from bustling resort areas. SPACES offers a range of anti-viral and anti-bacterial bath mats as well as Quick Dry bath mats.

So the next time you plan your weekend getaway, make sure you also ready your bath wardrobe for the same. After all, safety and comfort are of prime importance when you are considering a break from the hectic routine fuelled by the pandemic.

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