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Air Purifying Bedsheets

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The Best Air Purifying Sheets for Your Home - Buy Online at SPACES

You may not be able to make your home completely dust-free, but you can improve the air quality. Of course, adding ventilation or installing an air purifier is one way to improve air quality in your space. But you can also do smaller things, like using a specialized set of sheets on your bed and in your home that will help purify the air even further. Air-purifying bed sheets are a path-breaking technology that is famous in the west. Now their benefits are gaining greater popularity in India as well. The right bedding can make all the difference in getting a good night's sleep. Fortunately, there are ways to upgrade your bedsheets to serve as purifying air masks for you and your home.

SPACES presents you with some of the best air purifying sheets for your home to keep the pollutants at bay while feeling snug as a bug in your own bed.

What are Air Purifying Sheets?

Air purifying sheets use activated carbon to absorb chemicals and pollutants from the air. Activated carbon has a large surface area, which means it can absorb a lot of impurities from the air, which makes it a great choice for air purifiers and air filters. Air purifying sheets are materials infused with activated carbon and other purifying ingredients. These sheets can be used on and under your bed, couches, chairs, and even in the car. They can be used in any space where you don't want chemicals and impurities, like allergens, to build up. Air purifying sheets are made to reduce odours and impurities but may also help reduce allergens. People with pet allergies or sensitive to mould or dust in their environment often use them. The air purifying sheets at SPACES are treated with CO2 Pure finish and this helps them in absorbing the Greenhouse Gases like carbon dioxide.

Why Should You Use Air Purifying Sheets?

You might want to use air purifying sheets for a few reasons. The most obvious one is to improve the air quality in your home. This could easily happen in rooms with bad ventilation or in rooms where the windows are shut throughout the day. Air purifying sheets are one way to ensure a better room atmosphere. You can also use them if you have allergies or asthma. In that case, they will help you breathe easier at night when trying to fall asleep. Additionally, air purifying sheets are a simple, cost-effective way to reduce allergens in your home.

How do Air Purifying Sheets Work?

As we've discussed above, the process that takes place inside of these sheets is oxidation. When you expose the sheets to oxygen, it creates a chemical reaction. The oxidation process creates cleaning molecules and is what leads to air purification. These cleaning molecules are water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide. When the molecules interact with pollutants in the air, they break them down into smaller pieces. The pollutants are broken down into smaller pieces and removed from the air through the sheets. Since pollutants in our environment are everywhere, it's important to have ways to combat them and clean the air. Using the best air purifying sheets or CO2 Pure Bedsheets from brands such as SPACES for your situation can help improve the air quality in your home.

Bedding with Purification Properties

This bedding set comes in various colours and sizes and can be machine washed. It features activated carbon that is embedded in the cotton fabric. This process is patented and helps the carbon remove odours, dust and other pollutants from the air. It's a great option for people with allergies and can help you breathe more easily at night.

Pros of using air purifying bedsheets

  1. • You can breathe easier and sleep better - Air-purifying fabrics can help reduce allergens in your space, including dust mites, pet dander, and pollen, allowing you to breathe easier and potentially have fewer allergies-related symptoms.
  2. • You can improve the smell of your home - Along with improving the air quality, air purifying fabrics can also help reduce odours in your home, which can make a big difference to your guests and your sense of smell in the home.
  3. • They're affordable - Air-purifying fabrics are often very affordable, even cheaper than other air purifying options like air purifying machines. It's a great choice if you're on a budget or just looking to try something that is easy to use.
  4. • Easy to maintain and clean - Air-purifying fabrics are easy to clean and maintain, making them perfect for your home if you don't have much time or energy to put into maintaining them.


Air purifying sheets may seem a bit gimmicky, but they're an effective way to improve air quality at home. Using a good set of air purifying sheets on your bed helps you sleep better and feel healthier.

Air* Purifying Bedsheets with CO2 adsorption technology.


CO2 pure Bed-linen are tested by the University of Alicante’s Technical Research Services (SSTTI), Spain for adsorption measurement of CO2. Tested for Anti- Microbial (AATCC 100) by Intertek India Pvt. Ltd, lab, India. Results might vary due to different environment condition, washing pattern and usages. Effective up to first 30 washes. CO2 pure is the Trademark of Primlab Global S.L.


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