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Welcome To Your Bed & Bath Linen Haven

A happy home has a direct link to a happier life! That is why at SPACES, we’re always striving to provide quality bed and bath linen that elevates your living experience at the best price. The best way to get this started is to offer you deals that last a while and give you access to your favourite collections; at the price you like. Some of these collections include:


SPUN is a unique program launched in 2009 to empower and provide a livelihood to women severely affected by the 2001 Gujarat earthquakes. With sustainability at its core, SPUN products are manufactured through upscaling of textile waste. SPUN collection at SPACES is a treasure trove of handcrafted home accessories with impeccable synergy between traditional craft and modern designs. You can find delicately made table runners, rugs, cushion covers, scarves, and more in this collection. The products in this collection are available in vibrant colours, that will light up your space and give it a unique touch! You can find delicately made table runners, rugs, cushion covers, scarves, and more in this collection. The products in this collection are available in vibrant colours, that will light up your space and give it a unique touch!

CO2 Pure:

With a renewed focus on health and safety, the SPACES CO2 Pure collection is a highly trending one this year. The collection features single bedsheets, double bedsheets, fitted bedsheets and more in a variety of colours and patterns. This collection works to help you breathe better while sleeping, leaving you well-rested and safeguarded.


An assortment of India’s diverse culture is represented through this colourful collection by SPACES. Inspired by traditional folk art and fine craftsperson ship displayed by Indians through time, this collection gives you a glimpse of the people, traditions, culture, rituals, festivities, and beliefs that make the country great. You can find the best deals on bedsheets and quits in a variety of sizes and patterns in this collection.

Kids’ Corner:

We believe everyone should be able to curate their space, which is why we’ve got a diverse collection of bed and bath linen for your kids as well. These comprise the trendiest and most-beloved children’s’ icons, so they can dream of wonderful stories as they sleep. The deals you can get in this collection include:


We’ve all grown up with these stories and characters, and this has carried on with our kids too! The Disney inspired collection is an amalgamation of some of the finest characters from the world of Disney. From the brave and beautiful Disney Princesses to fun with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, this collection has an amazing collection of towels, bedsheets, dohar and comforters for your little ones.


Bravery and fantasy come together in this collection that makes the kids scream with joy. Featuring fan-favourite characters like Ironman, Spiderman, Captain America and more, the Marvel-inspired collection gives your children the chance to rest with their Marvel Superheroes. You can find great deals on bed and bath linen from this category.


These adorable yellow critters stole our hearts with their song renditions and unwavering loyalty to their loved ones. Now, your kids can have them to play and rest with, with an assortment of bed and bath linen that is as fun as it is cosy!

Checkout Spaces Offers Available on Bed & Bath Linen

Happiness is all about a loving family and a warm bed to snuggle in. Nothing gives you more happiness than a quiet and peaceful time as a family and as an individual. It is imperative to choose well when buying blankets, bedsheets, bath towels, bathrobes, head towels and bath mats online. Transform your bedroom into a luxurious cocoon for your family with comfortable bed linen, doormats and beautiful cushions. Turn your bathroom to a corner of rejuvenation and indulgence with soft-as-fur cotton towels and bathrobes.

Perfect additions to your Home

Our bath and bed linen help you soak away all the tiredness and revive the mind and body for a fresh beginning and a relaxed end to the day. Apart from offering you comfort; our bedsheets also give your room an instant makeover. They are crafted from different fabrics, weaves, and textures. You’ll find stylish carpets that make you and your family feel cozy and pampered. From bright beautiful colour schemes to neutral pastel shades, from traditional floral hues and patterns to contemporary stripes and geometric designs - SPACES.in has the right fit for all your requirements and choices.

SPACES.in offers a wide range of premium bed and bath linen based on an understanding of the different tastes and preferences of people. Choose your pick from our collection of fabulous florals, soothing solids, and modern geometric patterns. When you buy online at Spaces.in, you can be sure of the quality. Spaces.in offers carpets and bedsheets made of premium quality cotton which is extremely breathable, and the dyes used in our bedsheets are AZO free, making them safe for even the most sensitive skin. To help you buy bedsheets online, we have bedsheets made for all bed sizes – king, queen and single.

So, you can find your favourite colours, designs that appeal to your family or the kind of bed linen that makes you and your family feel the most comfortable.

Why Choose SPACES?

SPACES offers an extensive list of bed and bath linen options which enable you to add comfort and convenience to your everyday life. Find the latest trends and exclusive designs available only at SPACES.in. Additionally, to make shopping online simpler, we, at SPACES, provide filters that let you narrow down your search by fabric, size, style, price, colour, pattern, and more. So, whether you’re purchasing carpets, bath linen, towels, doormats, bath mats, bathrobes, cushion covers, pillow covers or bed sheets online - SPACES.in is the right place to be.

Now in our Offers section, you can choose from a whole range of selected bath and bed linen - at a reduced price but of the same premium quality that we guarantee. These bedsheets, towels and mats have been chosen by us based on the most commonly purchased merchandise from SPACES.in. We offer nothing less than the best and we believe that once you use a SPACES product, you will trust us with quality.

For weekly insights, latest product launches and tips & tricks, subscribe to our newsletter and do visit Spaces Blog.


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