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Single Size Mattress

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Spaces SleepDeep Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 10,589.00 Special Price : ₹ 7,412.00 30% off

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Spaces Orthopedic Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 8,709.00 Special Price : ₹ 6,096.00 30% off

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Spaces Firm & Fab Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 10,089.00 Special Price : ₹ 7,062.00 30% off

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Spaces Sleep Deep Luxury Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 14,389.00 Special Price : ₹ 10,072.00 30% off

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Spaces Orthopedic Luxury Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 10,629.00 Special Price : ₹ 7,440.00 30% off

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Spaces Firm & Fab Luxury Mattress
Regular Price ₹ 13,449.00 Special Price : ₹ 9,414.00 30% off

Reasons Why You Should Own a Single Mattress

When buying a mattress, the decision is somewhat overwhelming. With so many different types of mattresses and manufacturers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. But, in our opinion, if you are living in an apartment that demands the judicious use of space, a single mattress should be at the top of your list. If you are already looking to replace your old one, brands like SPACES offer a variety of single mattresses, including Sleep Deep Mattress, Firm and Fab Mattress, Luxury, and Orthopedic Mattress. Here are seven good reasons why owning just one mattress is right for you:

A single mattress is versatile

A single mattress is a great option if you live in a small apartment. If you have a large bed, it can take up a lot of space. A single mattress is much more compact and can fit into smaller rooms. You can also take your mattress with you if you change houses or move out. In addition, it’s easier to transport a single mattress than a full-size bed.

You don’t need a thick mattress to be comfortable

Most single mattress owners are surprised that they don’t need a thick mattress to be comfortable. In fact, a thick mattress can actually be more uncomfortable than a thinner option. The more layers a mattress has, the harder it is to move around and turn over. A thinner mattress will allow you to move more freely and quickly, so you don’t get stuck in one position all night long. Of course, you can always add a mattress topper or a pillow top as an added comfort layer if you want something thicker.

They're more affordable

You don't have to spend much money to get a decent mattress. Single mattress options are generally less expensive than double mattresses, meaning they are the perfect choice if you are on a budget. They are also more affordable to maintain over time. Single mattress options are also great for kids.

Smaller beds are easier to move around

A smaller bed can be more convenient if you live in a smaller space and have trouble moving around. This is because you can easily push it to the side if you need to walk past or move around. A smaller bed will also take up less space in your room and leave you with more space to walk around. In addition, if you have a single mattress, you can easily lift it and move it around your room. Smaller beds are also easier to lift and move if you ever need to change houses or move into a different room in your house.

Single mattresses are perfect for guest bedrooms

If you have a guest room in your home, you may consider getting a single mattress for the bed. They are usually cheaper than full-sized mattresses and are great for housing one guest at a time. If you have a double bed with a mattress that is too wide, it can be uncomfortable for your guest to sleep in. A single mattress is just the right size for a single person to sleep comfortably on.

You move a lot in your sleep and don’t like being stuck

Single mattresses are great for people who move a lot when they sleep. No one else is sleeping on the mattress, so you won’t be stuck to another person due to the mattress being too narrow. A narrow mattress will also be a better choice if you are a light sleeper. A narrower mattress will make less noise when you move around in your sleep as most of the surface area on the mattress will be solely occupied by you.


In conclusion, single mattresses are a great choice for people who want to economically use their space, and are looking for an affordable sleeping experience, since they are cheaper than a double or king-size mattress. In addition, brands like SPACES are a good option if you want a thinner mattress that will keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. A single mattress is definitely right for you if you have any of these traits.


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