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Buy Your Kids the Bedsheets They’ll Love

If there’s one thing most children hate, it’s going to bed early – especially when their older siblings and parents are still up! But some children take to their beds readily. It is not that difficult to entice a child to an early bedtime – after all, the more sleep they get, the fresher and more energetic they are the next day. But if it is an upward struggle to get your child to go to bed and sleep in a few minutes, the problem might lie with their sleeping environment. A child that is ready to sleep at night, or assured that their sleeping area is safe is likely to fall asleep faster and have a restful sleep as well. Some children fear the dark and cannot sleep unless there is a light on. Others want a fluffy pillow , while some others want their stuffed toys in bed with them. As a parent, you can do whatever you can to make your child comfortable in bed, so that they sleep deeply for long. The first step in this direction lies with buying a comfortable kids’ bed sheet.

How the right Bed Sheets help Children Sleep

Children are sensitive to their surroundings, and they are more at ease with things that have a lovely textural quality. This applies to their bed linen as well. A child is more likely to enjoy going to bed when their bed sheet is soft, comfortable, and pleasing. Growing children need to sleep as much as they can so that they grow fit and healthy. You can ensure that your child sleeps well by maintaining low lighting levels, soundproofing their room and keeping all electronic gadgets away before bedtime. But it must start with getting your child a kids’ bed sheet that is relaxing and comfortable.

What is a Kids’ Bed Sheet?

A kids’ bed sheet is not that different from an adult bed sheet. It mostly is created for single bed. However, double bed sheets are also available for children’s double beds. What matters is that the thread count is higher in a kids’ bed sheet, which makes the fabric softer and longer lasting. Also, the designs may be more suited to what a child likes, such as their favourite cartoon characters. There are a few brands like Spaces that cater to kids bed sheets in India. Spaces has a lovely range of bed sheets for children, featuring soothing colours and cartoon characters like Elsa from Frozen, popular Disney bedsheet characters like Mickey Mouse and Sofia, and even the Minions and Avengers bedsheets series. If your child loves the design and feel of the bed sheet, they will love going to bed a lot more!

How to Wash a Kids’ Bed Sheet

Once you buy the bed sheet(s) for your child, it is important to care for it well so that it lasts long and retains its colours. Bed sheet manufacturers often issue washing instructions on the tag or a separate manual. Be sure to follow these instructions to wash the bed sheet and retain its colours, thread dexterity, shape, and so on. This is how you should wash the kids’ bed sheet: * Read up on the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer. If these are absent, log on to their website to look up the same. Premium brands like Spaces have the care instructions listed alongside the bed sheet. * The washing and care instructions are dependent on the bed sheet fabric and colour, among other factors. Take care not to wash dark colours with light ones, or use the wrong setting for the fabric. * Avoid using bleach in the wash, or excess fabric softener. Also avoid dry cleaning the bed sheet as it is bound to fade the colours and cause the fabric to pill. * Use the ‘Tumble dry’ option on your washing machine. Avoid drying the bedsheet in harsh sunlight and areas of excessive dust. It is best to dry it in the shade. * You may lightly iron the bed sheet if it is excessively creased during the wash. Use a low temperature setting only.

Why choose Spaces to buy Kids Bedsheet?

Spaces is one of India’s leading brands in the bed linen category. It offers a wide variety of children’s bed sheets, pillow cases, and comforters in different colours and designs. Moreover, each Spaces bed sheet is made using premium material that is soft and breathable, to ensure maximum comfort while in use. Also, the dyes used are AZO-free, making the bed sheet safe for children. Look up the Spaces blog for ideas and tips on buying children’s bed sheets online. table

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