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Single and happy: The perks of using single bedsheets

As a person living alone or sharing your digs with a few others, you are used to the joys of a single life. You live simply, taking care not to overstock your cupboard with too many clothes, shoes and accessories. You have a room to yourself and you take pride in keeping it organised and clean. You will agree that the most important part of your room is the corner which has your bed. There is no greater pleasure in life than to sink into your bed at the end of a long day. If your bed is comfortable and well-made, you are assured of a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams. But your comfort is guaranteed only when you have the right mattress and the best bedsheet to go with it. You might be surprised to know that the bedsheet you layer the mattress with has a bearing on how much (or not) you like your bed, and how comfortable you are laying down on it.

What is a single bedsheet?

A single bedsheet is designed as a cover for a single mattress. It is used on single beds and cannot be used on a double bed owing to size constraints. It is normally used in small bedrooms occupied by one person, or for children’s rooms featuring one or more single beds or a bunker bed. Research shows that the colours and designs we buy in our bed linen have an impact on our state of mind. When your bed sheet has a soothing colour and a pleasing design, your mind calms down and you can relax much faster. In contrast, designs that disturb you or material that is too scratchy and stiff, can ruin your nightly rest.

What is the size of single bedsheet?

A single bedsheet often has the standard size of 152 cm x 228 cm (60 in x 90 in). This size goes well for a range of mattresses, with a maximum dimension of 3 feet x 6 feet and with thickness not exceeding 5 inches. Check the bed sheet dimensions online before you buy, and be sure to measure the mattress size first.

Which thread count is best in bed sheet?

As the term suggests, ‘thread count’ is the number of threads woven into the bedsheet on a per square inch basis. The threads are counted as per horizontal and vertical weave. The higher the thread count, the softer the bed sheet. A higher thread count also ensures that the bed sheet is a long-wearing one, since it becomes softer over multiple washes instead of becoming frayed. Normally, bedsheets using Egyptian cotton have a high thread count and are extremely comfortable to sleep on. Not only does the sheet feature a higher thread density, but the cotton used is among the softest and most durable. The yarn used is normally a soft ply one. When buying a bed sheet online, inquire about the thread count: the best ones feature thread counts ranging from 500 to 800. Some premium luxury brands have sheets with thread count exceeding 1,000. Some brands price their bed linen based on the thread count of their products.

How to wash a single bed sheet?

The manufacturer’s instructions on washing and care are a handy guide to refer to when you wash the bed sheet for the first time. Most single and double bed sheets can be washed in the washing machine, provided you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Most single bed sheets may be washed in warm to cool water, with a normal tumble cycle (unless a lower one is specified), low spin and without the use of bleach. If you think the bed sheet material is too stiff or scratchy, you may use a good quality fabric softener in the wash. Single bed sheets from leading brand like Spaces may also be ironed on low heat. It is recommended that you wash bed sheets separately and do not dry clean them. It is best to look for a high quality single bed sheet with hassle-free washing and care. If the washing takes too much of your time, or if it cannot be washed at home, then it’s probably not a good investment. You can stock up on a few great colours and patterns, and liven up your bedroom in a jiffy!

Why choose Spaces to buy a single bedsheet?

All Spaces.in products are sold with the promise of high quality and great value for money. Spaces.in has the widest range in single bed sheets, which you choose to buy online or at a Spaces store near you. All Spaces.in bedsheets are manufactured using premium quality cotton. They are AZO free to protect your skin and overall health when you use them. Cotton bed sheets from Spaces are extremely breathable and long lasting, with natural dyes. Choose from a wide range of designs and patterns, ranging from ethnic to contemporary. Besides, buying a single bed sheet online from Spaces.in is as easy as using it – browse through the collection, study the specifications, place your order and proceed to purchase. The bed sheet is delivered to your doorstep quickly. Returns and exchange are possible on online bed sheets, too. For more information on single bed sheets and how to buy and care for them, visit the Spaces blog.
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