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Comfort for one: Why you need a single bed comforter

The weather often plays tricks on us all. What starts off as a warm day suddenly begins to look like it will end in a cool night. There’s a cold breeze wafting through your window, and even as you watch a movie in bed, you can feel the chill in the air. The thin cotton top sheet you’ve been using at night will hardly offer you the gentle warmth you need on a cool night like this. What you need is a comforter. A comforter on a cold night is like a warm hug from a mother. You get a good night’s rest cocooned in your cotton comforter, snugly wrapped in it. Unlike a thick blanket, a comforter does not trap too much heat inside, so you do not feel discomfort. Also, because it is thinner and lighter than a regular thick blanket, it moulds to your body’s contours quite easily.

What is a comforter?

A comforter is a thick blanket that differs from a duvet – the latter is a covering for your mattress that replaces the bedsheet, blanket, and other bed covers. Unlike a duvet, a comforter is used to keep yourself warm in bed. The comforter is normally filled with a combination of fine cotton and synthetic fibres in a quilted pattern, to keep the filling even and secure. However, brands like Spaces exclusively use 100% cotton in their comforters. A comforter rarely loses its shape because the chances of the filling lumping up are remote. In India, most people use them when the weather gets cool. They are commonly used every day in countries with a cold climate.

What is a single comforter?

As the name suggests, a single bed comforter is designed for use by one person. A double comforter can be used by two people. If you use a single bed in your room, or if you are buying one for your child who sleeps in a single bed, then a single comforter serves the purpose adequately. It is easily folded up and hardly occupies much room at the foot of your bed.

What is the size of a single comforter?

Single bed comforters’ dimensions are normally 150 cm x 218 cm. These are standard dimensions, with a corresponding weight of about 1 kg to 3 kg. The weight depends on the density and thickness of the fabric, and the density of the filling inside. Some comforters are so thin and light that you can fold them into a small bundle and carry them in your suitcase when you travel. In the West, a new trend is to use ‘weighted comforters’ or blankets that have a noticeable weight. These are said to promote sound sleep. Do check the comforter dimensions and weight online before placing an order, and compare the same with the size of your bed.

How to wash single bed comforters

The washing instructions are normally displayed on the tag – read these carefully to know how to wash the comforter in your washing machine. The manufacturer’s instructions will help you choose the water temperature, type of detergent, whether you can use bleach, whether you should add fabric softener, if spin or tumble dry cycle is required, and so on. It is normally recommended that you wash it in cold water, set to ‘Blanket’ or ‘Delicate’ settings on your washing machine. It is wiser to wash just the bed comforter and not other clothes with it, since it can get compressed and out of shape if it does not have space to open inside the machine. Avoid dry cleaning the comforter unless the manufacturer label specifies that it is safe to do so. After washing, you can air dry it in mild sunlight. Again, read the manufacturer’s instructions about using a dryer.

Why choose Spaces to buy a single comforter?

Spaces assures you of the best quality in single bed comforters. Spaces.in offers comforters made of 100% cotton for your comfort and safety. Cotton is a breathable material, so you will never feel hemmed in or uncomfortable while using the comforter. Cotton bed comforters are also easily washable and easy to fold and store after use. We take care to use AZO free dyes in all our bed linen, thus ensuring your skin and breathing safety while the comforter is in your home. Besides, you get a wide range of colours and patterns from our store, from bold hues to soothing pastel shades, and from whimsical designs to sedate prints. At Spaces.in, we help you buy single bed comforters online quite easily – just use the filters provided (price, size, colour, fabric) and study the product specifications before you make your purchase. You also have the option of placing an item on your wish list or having the items of your choice shipped to multiple locations across the country. With Spaces, buying bed comforters online is as comfortable as using them! Check the Spaces blog for more tips and ideas on single comforters.


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