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    Rangana – A collection that's tradition. Rangana is an interpretation of traditional folk art and fine craftmanship from the east, west, north and the south of India. Each weave reflects the essence of traditional folk heritage and the inheritance of these diverse art forms. Rangana is a depiction of India - the people, traditions, cultures, rituals, beliefs and the celebration of festivity. The motifs, styles and intricate designs are a glorious representation of how India celebrates being India.

    What knits Rangana is the inheritance of diversity from each region with its unique traditional textile art, inlayed with motifs and styles that describe the magnificence of Indian heritage. Indeed, Rangana is a collection that is inspired by Indian artforms and revived by SPACES.

    What does Rangana by SPACES offer?

    While bedsheets and bath towels come in different prints, designs and patterns, what makes each range distinct is the inspiration and core creative thought behind each. Rangana by SPACES is one such collection that depicts tradition itself – it is a confluence of character and charisma. The dying artforms of Indian heritage are the backbone of this entire range which is artistically represented via eight different themes – Patan Patola, Ajrakh, Meenakari, Kashmiri Paisley, Phulkari, Madhubani, Paithani and Patachitra.

    Why choose SPACES?

    SPACES combines aesthetics and innovative technology to create a variety of premium quality bed linen and bath linen that caters to a wide range of needs and preferences. You can narrow down your search by utilising the different filters available for various products such as type, price, size, fabric, colour etc. So, the next time you’re on a lookout for home furnishings and bath linen online, head to and find what you’re looking for easily.

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