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Buy Face Mask Online

What should one do while battling against something that can be seen, smelt, heard or felt? That’s the nature of the airborne disease and it can prove to be deadly if proper care and attention are not given to protect oneself against it. In such a case, the primary mode of protection should be a face mask. A mask for coronavirus is the need of the hour for every individual. Nowadays, you can find and buy a mask online. In a pandemic situation where the risk lies in contracting the disease or virus through airborne particles, the face mask becomes a must-have to protect oneself. SPACES has four incredible choices of face masks to offer. These face masks use innovative technology and fine-quality raw materials.

Types of Face Masks

● 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask The 3 layer mask comes with a melt-blown layer to prevent the spread of germs while coughing/sneezing/speaking. They are single-use masks made with 100% polypropylene and need to be carefully disposed of after being used. This 3 layer mask is splash-resistant and comes with high bacterial filtration efficiency > 98%. ● Anti-bacterial Reusable Mask Made with 100% cotton, the anti-bacterial reusable masks have an anti-bacterial finish on both layers using the dual shield technology. While the inner layer is white to keep our skin safe, the outer layer comes in a variety of coloured prints, so you have quite a few options to choose from. These high V-shape mask designs are meant for better coverage. ● Liquid Resistant Reusable Mask Another excellent choice for face masks. These liquid-resistant masks are created using an innovative fabric structure and come in 4 colours - white, coral pink, halogen blue and quiet grey. There is a tightly woven fabric integrated with a non-woven filter layer which filters out small particle fluids and liquid droplets. It is also useful in protecting you from dust, pollution, allergens and pollen. You can easily buy this mask online. ● WN-95 Respirator The WN-95 Respirator masks come with a high particulate filtration capacity. These are tight-fitting face shields which are breathable and can be adjusted for a perfect fit. It used latex-free elastic bands and flexible nose clip for a better fit to provide protection against solid particulate matters and aerosols.

Why should you buy masks from

These face masks are safe and skin-friendly. Each of these mask for coronavirus has been made using breathable materials and can protect you from aerosols and water droplets. The snug fit is for better protection and coverage. Each of the face masks has something unique to offer while making sure safety and protection of the individual wearing them remains the primary priority. In the ‘new normal’ face masks are a part of our daily outdoor attire. Whether it is to go to the market, watch a movie in a theatre hall or visit the doctor, face masks are much needed as a safety precaution to keep ourselves protected. You can buy the mask online from


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